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A Dreamer hero whose life story tells us a lot

Dr. Manuel Bernal's parents brought him to the United States when he was only two years old. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, graduated in the top 10% of his high school class, and he was a leader of several high school honor societies.

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Activists want to make Black history compulsory in English schools

Activists are pushing for the Black community's history to become a compulsory part of England's national school curriculum. Historian David Olusoga tells CNN's Nina dos Santos that the country's curriculum has long upheld half-histories and half-truths.

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Trump's strange new way of thinking

"There is nothing either good or bad," Hamlet tells his old childhood buddies in Shakespeare's play, "but thinking makes it so." President Donald Trump borrowed that principle this week as he strove in vain to turn bad news about the coronavirus into some kind of positive, casting the fast-growing number of cases as a good thing -- evidence of success in expanding testing.

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Seattle mayor tells Trump to 'go back to your bunker'

The mayor of Seattle on Wednesday told President Donald Trump to "go back to your bunker," after Trump appeared to suggest he would intervene in the city's growing protests and called for law and order.

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