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Reaction: How Russians responded to protester on TV news

American Yakov Kronrod tells CNN's Anderson Cooper what the reaction has been like in Russia after an employee at one of Russia's major state television networks interrupted a live broadcast to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

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After Billie Eilish talks about porn, experts urge parents and kids to have straight talk about sex

Long gone are the days of accessing porn only at the local magazine and video stores. Today, internet and cable television services make pornographic content available to almost anyone. A lot of internet porn is available without charge, and some graphic novels and Japanese anime have incorporated pornographic or nearly pornographic images and plotlines.

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Analysis: What 'Succession' got right about 2021

"You're so merry," says Tom Wambsgans in the "Too Much Birthday" episode of "Succession," the television series that depicts the desperately unhappy lives of a media mogul family.

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Peloton releases ad in response to 'Sex and the City' reboot shocker

Peloton releases a new ad after stocks fell following a shocking moment that aired on HBO Max's 'Sex and the City' reboot. The television moment was blamed for a drop in Peloton stock but as CNN's Digital correspondent Paul R. La Monica explains, Peloton's many troubles started prior to the launch of the reboot.

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See which TV personality is running for Senate in Pennsylvania

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality, is running for the US Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican, according to an op-ed he published in the conservative Washington Examiner. CNN's Harry Enten breaks down thee doctor's chances at winning.

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