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6 teens arrested in drive-by shooting at high school

Six teenagers were arrested and charged with murder following a drive-by shooting outside a high school in Des Moines, Iowa, on Monday that left one teenager dead and two others in the hospital, police said on Tuesday.

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Revitalizing your exhausted tweens and teens, post-quarantine

After three long pandemic semesters, most parents are so happy for their tweens, teens and young adults to finally be back in school full time, with some inside-the-building face masks one of the few trappings of the pandemic remaining in their daily lives.

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Social media execs get grilled

Senators grilled executives from Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube on Tuesday about how their platforms impact young users. Asked how their platforms affect the mental health of teens and even promote eating disorders, the representatives all said they don't allow such content and instead point users to expert information.

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Senator doesn't get what a 'finsta' is

Sen. Richard Blumenthal grilled a Facebook executive about "finstas," or fake Instagram accounts. The slang term is primarily used to describe a private Instagram account created by teens to interact with a trusted group of family and/or friends.

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Lawmakers grill Facebook over negative impact on teens

A Facebook executive was grilled by Senators about the impact its apps have on younger users, two weeks after an explosive report indicated the company was aware that Facebook-owned Instagram could have a "toxic" effect on teen girls.

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Opinion: Today's terrifying Covid misinformation has a complicated past

This fall was supposed to be different. With the new Covid-19 vaccines, the country began to reopen during the summer and vaccine approval for teens (with the hopeful prospect of approval for younger children) promised a return to schools and a return to the pre-pandemic rhythms of life.

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