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Obama and Springsteen's podcast reveals a key problem

If you had any doubts that podcasting had gone from fashionable to fully mainstream, you need look no further than the latest Spotify original, "Renegades: Born in the USA," for proof that they have. Hosted by former President Barack Obama and current rocker Bruce Springsteen, the show centers on a series of conversations between the two men and their experiences growing up as outsiders. It is necessarily nostalgic — neither Obama nor Springsteen has been an outsider in a very long time — and the title reflects that, calling back to the hosts' glory days: "Renegade" was Obama's Secret Service name, and "Born in the U.S.A." was Springsteen's best-selling album, released in 1984.

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Irish teen's death ruled 'misadventure' by Malaysian court

A Malaysian court on Monday announced it would not reopen a probe into the death of an Irish teenager whose body was found in a jungle after she went missing during a family holiday, saying she likely died of misadventure.

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See teen's dramatic strike in the Arctic

18-year-old Mya-Rose Craig sailed north of the Arctic Circle to conduct a school strike and raise awareness of Arctic ice loss. She was part of a Greenpeace mission to the region.

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Opinion: J-Lo and Shakira's Super Bowl message

The Kansas City Chiefs were not the only winners at the Super Bowl, as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez brought Latin rhythms to one of the world's largest stages in their halftime performance. The bilingual show included medleys of their hits, scores of backup dancers, costume changes, a children's choir, and a dual-sided sequined cape featuring the flags of Puerto Rico and the United States. JLo's daughter Emme even performed alongside her mother, singing Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA."

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A teen's final days with the flu

On Christmas Day, 16-year-old Kaylee Roberts opened presents at her aunt's house in suburban Cleveland, joyfully celebrating the holiday and laughing with her cousins.

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