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10 Women in Jazz Who Never Got Their Due

We’re often taught to think of jazz’s history as a cavalcade of great men and their bands, but from its beginnings the music was often in the hands of women. Listen to some of the greatest.

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Opinion: What W.H. Auden taught me about Easter, God and surviving a season of Covid-19

We are in the penitential season leading up to Easter, which for Christians is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, that miraculous transformation of suffering and death into something glorious. All Christian thinking tends toward rebirth and transformation, which seems more relevant than ever in this time of Covid-19, a pestilence worthy of any biblical plague.

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Judge's blistering opinion reveals Barr's unfitness

As a Justice Department prosecutor, I was taught that all you have is your credibility and your independence. Without those two attributes, you're lost. But in a scalding opinion, federal District Court Judge Reggie Walton called into serious doubt whether Attorney General William Barr possesses either of these golden prosecutorial virtues (and before anyone cries politics, Judge Walton was nominated to the bench by President George W. Bush, a Republican, in 2001).

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