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How long it takes your body to fall out of shape

Getting in shape isn't easy. But after all that hard work, how long do we actually maintain it? Turns out that even the great effort we put into training, taking a bit of time off can mean that we become "unfit" much faster than it took us to actually get in shape.

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Anderson Cooper: This is what it takes for GOP to speak up

CNN's Anderson Cooper slams GOP leadership for their delayed response to freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) incendiary and alarming comments likening vaccine requirements to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.

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Opinion: Stay on the job, Justice Breyer

The tongues are wagging: Justice Stephen Breyer should -- some Democrats claim -- retire now. The Senate is evenly balanced and Vice President Kamala Harris can break all ties which would allow President Joe Biden to select a younger liberal to the bench. It is hard to know if this is really correct -- in an evenly divided Senate, it takes just a single senator to defect and defeat a nominee. Maybe an 82-year-old justice in good health is better than an uncertain confirmation hearing?

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