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Smerconish: Police reform intersects with crime surge

To help address racial bias, police in northwest Philadelphia will no longer stop or detain citizens for certain "quality of life" violations. CNN's Michael Smerconish discusses if this reform could affect the recent crime surge.

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Tokyo was picked as the 'safe' choice for the Olympics. Here's how everything changed

Back in 2013, Tokyo's big win to secure the Olympic Games in only the second round of voting — it took out Istanbul 60-36 — rested largely in its insistence to the IOC that as a host, it was a "safe pair of hands," something that past IOC president Jacques Rogge, a surgeon, said he found appealing. At the time, its biggest hurdle appeared to be the lingering worries around Fukushima nuclear disaster; no one imagined the rise of a novel coronavirus that would leave a global body count in the millions.

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AMC's stock is up 2,000% this year. But the theater chain's problems aren't solved

AMC's comeback, and then some — its stock price surged to a record high on Wednesday — has been fueled by Reddit's army of retail investors as well as some legitimate good news about customers returning to movie theaters. But that doesn't mean that AMC and the rest of the industry's inherent problems are solved.

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AMC shares jump more than 120% to an all-time high

The hits keep coming. Shares of AMC — the largest movie theater chain in the world — surged more than 120% early Wednesday to a new peak above $70 before falling back slightly. Trading of the shares was halted twice due to volatility.

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The brave, fallen 'stars' that brought me to Afghanistan

During one of my first trips to Afghanistan, I traveled to a remote base not far from the border with Pakistan. It took a helicopter ride to get there. We deftly navigated through mountain passes under the cover of darkness on a moonless night to avoid the threat of small-arms fire from insurgents. A few nights later, I made my way to the top of a makeshift watchtower on base to enjoy a cigar with some of my colleagues.

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