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Zelensky: Ukrainian President will deliver virtual address to Congress

With his nation under attack, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will deliver a significant address on Wednesday to members of the House and Senate, a virtual speech that comes as the United States is under pressure from Ukraine to supply more military assistance to the embattled country.

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You may start paying more for groceries. Here's why

Big-name food brands are raising prices as the supply chain is facing surging costs, congestion and a labor shortage. CNN's Gabe Cohen on how the disruptions are also limiting availability.

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Opinion: Why it's impossible for some people to follow Covid-19 guidelines

Over the past few weeks, people across the country have experienced the frustrations of demand for Covid-19 tests far exceeding supply. I can relate. After my son experienced a breakthrough Covid-19 case over the holidays, my wife and I scoured our area for at-home rapid antigen tests and PCR test appointments. Neither was available at local pharmacies. We managed to secure testing appointments at our local YMCA, only to have them canceled due to lack of staffing. We then got in a line at a state-run testing site in a sports arena. Two-and-a-half hours later we had our tests, and three days later my wife and I had our results, which came back negative.

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What's next for supply chains after the holiday rush

Retailers can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Christmas holiday is over, capping months of laborious planning to keep shelves stocked over the busy shopping period. But it may not be much of a respite.

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Holiday returns will cost retailers 59% more this year

As Americans bring back unwanted holiday gifts, those returns will cost retailers upwards of 50% more than they did last year. Retailers are already dealing with elevated costs thanks to the supply chain crunch and a tight labor market.

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Biden administration finds itself on defense as Omicron races across the US

The Biden administration is once again on the defensive as the pandemic cuts its wildly unpredictable course, upending American lives with the holidays around the corner and the tools that could make for safer gathering -- widespread, easily available testing -- in short supply nearly two years into the crisis.

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Shipping CEO: The best solution to global supply chain chaos

Almost everything you buy has traveled along some of the millions of miles of networks that make up the world's supply chains. Most of the time, the logistics involved in making this possible are invisible and kept behind the scenes. But these days, supply chains are front and center as companies cope with a pandemic-induced shift in consumer behavior from experiences to goods that has left supply chains strained.

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This former Senator has an idea for how to fix the Senate

Congress hasn't always been so broken, but thanks to intentional rules changes and increased party polarization, constructive compromise is in short supply on Capitol Hill. In the latest "Reality Check with John Avlon," Avlon traces how Congress became so dysfunctional & discusses how to fix it with CNN's Dana Bash and former Democratic Senator Al Franken.

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