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Opinion: What the election takeaways are getting wrong

Efforts to diagnose Democratic defeat in Virginia, a state which has trended reliably blue in recent years due to its northern suburbs and which President Biden won by 10 points, have missed the mark.

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Review: 'You' finds twisted new wrinkles with Love and marriage in the suburbs

Another salvage project by Netflix, "You" went from a Lifetime also-ran to a social-media sensation, with its twisted lead becoming a sort of latter-day "Dexter," heavily narrating his bizarre story. The third season continues to balance that delicate juggling act, with a wife, baby and life in suburbia merely adding to the chaos, and for the most part, macabre fun.

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The energy capital of the US may become a ghost town under Biden

This Wyoming coal town is a place of contradictions. At dawn, the land looks heavenly: Winds rattle the sagebrush; cotton-candy skies make a dusting of snow glow in pastel hues. Later in the afternoon, though, you look to the horizon and see the Earth hemorrhaging gray dust as trucks haul coal from pits the size of suburbs.

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There's a battle for the suburbs in Florida. Who will win?

• She is racing to get apathetic voters, especially those in the Black community, to 'wake up' • How six first-time voters view this election • Road to 270: Trump and Biden's paths to a 2020 election victory • Opinion: If Trump loses, he'll take this deal

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Biden could benefit from the exodus to suburbs

The US housing market has remained red-hot this year during the pandemic as some flee expensive coastal cities for the suburbs. And experts say there could be election consequences.

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