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Elton John gets his own Barbie doll

Elton John is getting his very own Barbie doll, and while the doll won't look like the Rocket Man, it will be styled in his likeness.

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Thailand's unprecedented revolt pits the people against the King

Set apart from the frenetic bustle of one of Asia's largest cities and nestled amid the manicured gardens of Bangkok's Dusit Palace, the Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall has served as the official home of Thailand's monarchy for more than a century. Its name translates to "royal seat in the sky" but the European-style residence is known as the Ambara Villa.

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Photos: Trump welcomes hundreds to White House event

President Trump, in his first public event since he was diagnosed with the coronavirus, gave a brief campaign-style speech from the balcony of the White House where he attacked Joe Biden and focused on his law and order messaging.

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25 temporary hacks for sprucing up a rental apartment

Settling into a brand-new apartment? Congratulations! Your first job is to make it feel less...well, like every other apartment, and more like home. Your home. "You found the perfect apartment and location. Only downside is that it lacks personality and style," says Michelle Harrison-McAllister, an interior designer based in San Diego. "There are easy and affordable temporary solutions to add your vibe."

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Opinion: Trump's stunning split with America's military leaders

President Trump loves the pomp of the military. He went to a military-style boarding school in New York, he has always pined for a big Kremlin-style military parade in the streets of Washington DC and when he came into office he appointed retired and serving generals to key positions in his cabinet, to a greater degree than any other modern president.

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Fact check: Trump repeats false claims at press briefing

President Donald Trump used a Labor Day press briefing at the White House to give a campaign-style address, attacking his political opponents, touting the alleged success the US has had against the coronavirus and repeating many false and misleading claims along the way.

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Ex-police chief: Police should never welcome the help of vigilantes

A bystander video recorded shortly before the fatal shooting of two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shows the accused shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, with an assault-style rifle, milling among a group of other armed civilians claiming to be standing guard against people gathered to protest the police shooting, two days earlier, of Jacob S. Blake.

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