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Opinion: The telescope that will replace Hubble will launch tomorrow. Here's why it matters

In April of 1990, the space shuttle Discovery lifted the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit just a few hundred miles above the Earth's surface. For over 30 years, the telescope has been the go-to facility for those interested in unlocking the mysteries of the universe. However, on Christmas morning, a new orbital telescope is scheduled to be launched that will challenge Hubble's claim to supremacy and allow astronomers to photograph the very first stars and galaxies that came into existence.

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'Sing 2' cheerfully serves up another round of animated karaoke for kids

Like the first movie five years ago, "Sing 2" mostly works on split levels, offering a jukebox assortment of popular songs that parents will recognize, and having cute animated animals belt them out to divert children. The result is a breezy exercise in karaoke for kids, where the soundtrack beats the movie and a lot of stars again lend their voices to the chorus.

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These were the year's most eye-catching red carpet trends

After a year of awkwardly Zoomed-in awards show speeches and tie dye hoodies, it's been a relief to see stars returning to the red carpet. Glamour came back with a vengeance, filling our feeds with color, sparkle and flashes of nostalgia.

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These dogs with jobs are the new calendar stars of 2022

Sam is an artist shiba inu from Berlin in a plaid button-down shirt who poses with his easel. Bertha is a microdosing king poodle chef who frequents the Berlin club Berghain. Bruno the boxer will hustle you in pool at the local dive bar; Pan the tarot-reading vizsla wants to know your sun and rising signs.

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See who won 'Dancing with the Stars'

A Peloton instructor, a former NBA star, a social media personality and a talk show host competed for the crown on the finale of "Dancing with the Stars."

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2006 would be proud: Britney, Paris and LiLo are back

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were once mired in scandal. CNN's "Pop Off" hosts dish on how the three stars have since gotten their lives together. Subscribe to Lisa's "Pop Life Chronicles" newsletter here.

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