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Opinion: How Aafia Siddiqui became an icon for terrorists

The hostage-taker at the synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, is believed by US law enforcement to be motivated by the imprisonment of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani who is serving an 86-year sentence at a prison in Fort Worth. She was arrested by US forces in Afghanistan almost a decade and half ago, yet her arrest continues to reverberate today.

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Top GOP senator says he will run for reelection

Sen. Ron Johnson announced in an email on Sunday that he is running for reelection in Wisconsin, setting the stage for a tough campaign in a race that could determine control of the Senate.

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In pictures: The history of the Cold War

The end of World War II set the stage for the Cold War -- the struggle between communism and capitalism that pitted East against West and pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war.

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Where Biden is winning

As President Biden struggles through the roughest patch of his presidency yet -- with his poll numbers in the doldrums and the cornerstone of his Build Back Better legislation in peril -- he can look back at one unalloyed success in his first year. The Senate has confirmed a record number of his nominees to the federal judiciary -- the most of any president at this stage in 40 years -- and at a time when that achievement matters more than ever.

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I'm vaccinated, boosted and traveling

This is the second year that Covid-19 has upended holiday travel, after nearly two long years of plans undone, loved ones unseen and life milestones unmarked. Now that vaccines are widely available in the United States, it's especially frustrating that we are still held hostage to a pandemic fueled by the people who refuse to get vaccinated and by the policy choices of wealthy nations not to treat this pandemic like a global pandemic and vaccinate the world.

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