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Raw cookie dough risk isn't relevant to Covid precautions

Here we go again: Covid-19 cases are falling in nearly every state, spring is in the air and everyone is getting restless. Some have even gone so far as to let us know they are done with the pandemic or at least ready to move away from the problem.

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He took a risk on Barack Obama

In the spring of 2006, I received an unexpected call from my friend and client, Barack Obama, who was then a little more than a year into his career in the US Senate.

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'Virgil was here:' Inside Virgil Abloh's final show for Louis Vuitton

When news of Virgil Abloh's death broke on Sunday, many speculated that Louis Vuitton's presentation of his Spring-Summer 2022 collection in Miami, Florida -- scheduled to take place just days later -- would be canceled. But the French luxury label, for which he helmed menswear, said it would go on as per the late designer and his family's wishes.

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Opinion: Here's when high inflation will come to an end

We can't catch a break. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in the spring of 2020, the United States has suffered hundreds of thousands of deaths due to the virus and lost millions of jobs. There was much hope the pandemic would soon be behind us when the vaccines were rolled out this spring, but no such luck. The Delta variant of the virus hit us hard this fall, costing more lives and doing more economic damage, this time by igniting long-dormant inflation.

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Opinion: Why Halloween feels so different this year

An odd thing happened in our garden this year -- early this spring, we got some squash volunteers that I didn't recognize but let grow. On the thin strip of garden we keep planted out between the sidewalk and the street, they took root, and emerged several months later as an impromptu pumpkin patch.

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