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Obsidian 'spirit mirror' used by Elizabeth I's adviser has Aztec origins

An obsidian "spirit mirror" used by a confidant of Queen Elizabeth I is actually a product of the Aztec culture, according to new research. An analysis of the obsidian mirror, made from volcanic glass, and three other similar objects at the British Museum revealed their Mexican origins.

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At UN, Biden was the non-Trump

In his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, President Joe Biden committed America to eschewing a new cold war, pledging instead to lead with its allies in a spirit of unity and resolve to tackle and overcome two of the world's greatest challenges: climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. The address was as transformative and expansive as any president has laid out in recent years.

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How to help, volunteer and honor 9/11 victims through public service

Twenty years ago, terrorists seized control of four airliners, killed 2,977 people and shook the national conscience of the United States. But the attacks of 9/11 also aroused a sense of patriotism, duty and civic resolve not seen in generations. In the two decades since that tragic moment, a spirit of service has transformed September 11 into a day to make a positive difference.

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