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Tiny crab preserved in 100-million-year-old amber

Fossils trapped in amber have been among paleontology's most fascinating finds in recent years -- globs of hardened ancient tree resin have captured tantalizing details about spiders, lizards, microscopic animals, insects, birds and even a tiny dinosaur that are often missing from fossils found in rock.

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Weatherman freaks out on live TV

A bird caused a weatherman to freak out. From bison to spiders, Jeanne Moos has the best critter-inspired on air meltdowns.

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The spiritual mysteries of 'The Mandalorian'

In Disney's hit show "The Mandalorian," the title character has defeated a dragon, massive ice spiders and a horde of ugly squid-face creatures called Quarren.

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Ride along in the latest Ferrari convertible

A good Ferrari can be one of Italy's finest works of art. CNN Business' Peter Valdes-Dapena got to take the latest $300,000 Ferrari F8 Spider for a test drive.

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