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Analysis: Reconciliation all over again

President Joe Biden's infrastructure push kicked off in earnest Wednesday with a speech framing his sweeping $2 trillion plan as a critical investment in America's future.

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Opinion: The fried-egg school of politics

In 1983, Rep. Pat Schroeder, a Colorado Democrat, was frying eggs in a nonstick pan one morning when she had an inspiration. Frustrated by then-President Ronald Reagan, she would later declare in a speech on the House floor, "He has been perfecting the Teflon-coated presidency: He sees to it that nothing sticks to him."

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Colorado senator calls for gun reform in powerful speech

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet on Wednesday called on the Senate to act in the wake of a mass shooting at a supermarket in his state, asserting in an impassioned speech from the chamber floor that his colleagues have a moral obligation to a generation of young Americans who have lived through dozens of such attacks.

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Trump's presidency was a disaster for his business

As he considered seeking the Reform Party nomination in 2000, Donald Trump speculated in an interview with Fortune magazine that he could be the first person to run for president "and make money on it." That was back when The Donald, as he was known then, had signed a $1 million deal to give motivational speeches as he campaigned around the country.

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Trump's last defense secretary blames Trump for Capitol riot

CNN's Andrew McCabe reacts to former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, who was in the office during the US Capitol riot, saying that he sees "cause and effect" between former President Donald Trump's speech and the insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

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Opinion: Biden didn't really tell the 'truth' about his Covid relief bill

President Joe Biden's speech Thursday night contained a long section about "the truth," and he said the truth is that the only way to get our lives back to normal is to "beat the virus." If he believes that, why did so little of the Covid relief bill he signed today go toward doing just that?

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Biden needs to team up with Mexico

Last week's virtual summit meeting between President Biden and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico was uninspiring, or at least the speeches were. Far more interesting was what the Mexican and American teams discussed before the presidents met.

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GOP congressman says voting rights bill written 'by the devil himself'

CNN's John Avlon looks at HR 1, a sweeping government, ethics and election bill that hopes to counter state-level efforts to restrict voting access. As the bill heads to the Senate, Republicans are fighting the bill, arguing that the legislation limits political speech and is meant to give Democrats an advantage in elections.

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The Civil War's aftermath explains everything about the Capitol riots

On April 11, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln delivered what would be his last speech from a window at the White House to the crowd below. They had gathered there expecting a celebratory speech on Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender to Ulysses S. Grant just two days earlier. 

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