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What it takes to protect the world's most endangered zebra

The Grevy's zebra, covered in white and black stripes, may not look dissimilar to the common zebra. But there are clear differences -- especially to someone like Sheila Funnell, who has dedicated her life's work to its protection.

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This is my Covid life as a single mom

The life of a single parent is challenging to begin with, but when you add in a pandemic, it's like someone dropping a chainsaw into the mix when you're already trying to juggle bowling pins.

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Opinion: Banning Major and Champ from the White House is a bunch of malarkey

Come on, man! The first shelter dog to live in the White House, Major the German Shepherd, has entered and exited as if through a revolving door. As someone in one of the nearly 60% (depending on who you ask) US households that own a pet, I'm not happy with President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden's decision to send Major and his older companion, Champ, back to Delaware after an apparent "biting incident."

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