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13 Black Friday deals you'll want to shop today before they're gone

Though still a few days out, Black Friday deals are already underway at a number of retailers. We have an exhaustive list of more than 150 sales happening now. But we've also been keeping our eyes on some of our favorite products to see if and when their prices dip, either to all time lows or prices we rarely see.

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Now Snapchat has a TikTok copycat, too

For years, social media platforms have blatantly copied some of Snapchat's most creative features. Instagram and parent company Facebook ripped off Stories -- posts that disappear after 24 hours -- which Snapchat created in 2013. Others followed suit with their own versions, including YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and just last week, Twitter.

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CMA Awards 2020: See who won

It's a big night at the 54th annual Country Music Association Awards on Wednesday. Some of country music's biggest stars are in attendance, and we don't mean virtually.

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CIA Director Haspel's fate uncertain after Trump fires Esper

President Donald Trump and some of his conservative allies have become increasingly frustrated with CIA Director Gina Haspel in recent weeks, accusing her of delaying the release of documents they believe would expose so-called "deep state" plots against Trump's campaign and transition during the Obama administration, according to multiple current and former officials.

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Trebek supported many causes. These were some of his favorites

For more than three decades, viewers came to know Alex Trebek as the face of the hit TV game show "Jeopardy!" But what was lesser-known about Trebek was his charitable work. The beloved host devoted a lot of time and money to a number of causes, from health care to hairy beasts.

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Photos show a deserted Italy with new curfew regulations

Hotels treating their few customers like royalty, empty art galleries where solo guests stand nose-to-nose with Renaissance art; and some of Europe's most famous open spaces with just a handful of people in them. The Italy of November 2020 is unlike anything that has gone before in the age of mass tourism.

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Democrats keep control of the House, CNN projects

Democrats will keep control of the House, CNN projects, but likely with a smaller majority after some of their incumbents lost and challengers failed to pick up top-targeted GOP seats.

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What to know about ballot adjudication

Ballots continue to be counted in several battleground states, and some of them are receiving extra scrutiny in a process known as ballot adjudication.

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The Xbox Series X is the best computer console owners have ever tried

The line between PC and console gaming has been blurring for quite some time. What used to be two clearly delineated worlds have slowly come to homogenize into one. Slowly, PC users have been seeing consoles adopt some of the aspects that have made PCs desirable as gaming machines over the years: most recently, features such as ray tracing, a special graphics technique that simulates the effect of real-world lighting in a virtual space. Meanwhile, PC gamers have been enjoying features like this for some time, as well as crossover appeal of services like Xbox Game Pass that make playing on PC feel more like gaming on a console.

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