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Opinion: Whoever wins, Americans desperately need this

This week, we ask the question: What comes next for America and Covid-19? Regardless of who is elected in November, we will still be in the midst of a pandemic and facing multiple challenges in addressing it. Culture clashes over mask-wearing, social distancing and vaccines are just a few. We'll tackle those in our CNN Digital video discussion, but first we start with public policy. Here, two former public officials -- Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Frances Fragos Townsend -- come together to tell us what should come next.

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QAnon has hijacked this real organization's name

You might see people sharing the hashtag #SavetheChildren on social media. But much of this online activity has nothing to do with the respected and real Save the Children charity. Its name has been hijacked by followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

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The Pakistani comedian battling sexism

Faiza Saleem, lawyer turned comedian and plus-sized model, is a Pakistani social media entertainer. She uses her platform to fight gender stereotypes.

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Selena Gomez: How beauty can influence our mental health

We are constantly bombarded with images and social media posts that make people feel like they need to achieve perfection, which is unattainable. I have been open about my own personal mental health struggles and how I have felt "less than."

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Mental Illness Awareness Week: Here's what you need to know

Held during the first week of October, Mental Illness Awareness Week is a way for advocates to educate the public on mental health conditions and reduce the social stigma around receiving mental health care. Established by Congress in 1990, it coincides with World Mental Health Day on October 10.

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The best tablets of 2020

Tablets may have started out as luxury items — something people would break out to stream videos and scroll social media when their phones didn't suffice and laptops were too bulky to take on the go. But more and more, tablets have become full-fledged laptop replacements, with even the most affordable options able to withstand heavy tasks.

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