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As Texas went dark, Fox News blamed windmills

The majority of power outages in Texas over the past week came from losses in coal, natural gas and nuclear energy, according to the state's own energy officials. But right-wing media has zeroed in on another, far smaller culprit: wind turbines and solar energy.

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Super Bowl ratings are in: They're a disappointment

Taking place in the middle of a global pandemic Super Bowl LV was an NFL championship game unlike any other. But the big game still brought in another Super Bowl victory for Tom Brady and a sizable — if somewhat smaller — audience.

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Smaller long-haul planes are the future of flying -- but also its past

For nearly half of the entire history of commercial aviation, long-haul flights have conjured up images of large, wide-bodied aircraft, with two aisles, up to 10 seats in every row, spacious overhead bins and, more recently, shiny on-demand tablet-style entertainment systems.

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A short history of American food (whatever that is)

Your Thanksgiving table may be smaller this year, but if it's still full of squashes, corn pudding, turkey and cranberry sauce, thank Native Americans -- those foods are indigenous. But that apple pie is international -- apples are from Kazakhstan and the pie part is from England.

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Tofurkys are selling like hotcakes

Thanksgiving will look a lot different this year, with many cutting down the size of the festivities they have planned. Grocery stores are anticipating that some may do more than just host smaller gatherings — they may do away with the turkey altogether.

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Democrats keep control of the House, CNN projects

Democrats will keep control of the House, CNN projects, but likely with a smaller majority after some of their incumbents lost and challengers failed to pick up top-targeted GOP seats.

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New Rolls-Royce was so quiet engineers made it louder

Rolls-Royce unveiled its all new Ghost Tuesday, and it looks strikingly different from any Rolls-Royce that has ever come before. The Ghost is the ultra-luxury automaker's slightly smaller and somewhat less expensive sedan, and the new version is far more understated than its predecessor.

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