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Opinion: Biden's historic victory for America -- no thanks to GOP

President Joe Biden is on the cusp of a major legislative victory. If all goes according to plan and the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan is signed into law, Biden will have scored an early triumph in his presidency. The Covid-19 relief bill will provide a wide range of benefits, from direct payments to American families, money for vaccine development and distribution, small business relief, more substantial subsidies for the Affordable Care Act, a child tax credit, a higher Earned Income Tax Credit, federal funds for state and local governments and much more.

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Small business owners react to Texas dropping mask mandate

Texas business owners are trying to figure out whether they're going to continue requiring masks in their stores and restaurants after Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate and allowed businesses to reopen at 100 percent capacity. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.

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Hyundai recall is one of the most expensive ever

Hyundai will recall 82,000 electric cars globally to replace their batteries after 15 reports of fires involving the vehicles. Despite the relatively small number of cars involved, Hyundai's recall is one of the most expensive in history, signaling how electric car defects could create hefty costs for automakers — at least in the near future.

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti was the hive and the honey

In every ecosystem there are keystone species, species that act as ecotones, binding communities together, their very presence allowing other species to thrive. In coral reefs, the keystones are coral, which grow into the branching walls and webs upon which and around which multitudes of fish, large and small can flourish. In Northern California, where I live, the keystone species world are live oak trees, coyotes, lizards and eelgrass in the bay.

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As Texas went dark, Fox News blamed windmills

The majority of power outages in Texas over the past week came from losses in coal, natural gas and nuclear energy, according to the state's own energy officials. But right-wing media has zeroed in on another, far smaller culprit: wind turbines and solar energy.

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Read the full Covid relief and $15 minimum wage increase bill

House Democrats on Friday released the full text of their $1.9 Covid-19 relief bill, which includes an increase in the federal minimum wage, direct checks for Americans making $75,000 or less a year, an extension of $400 federal unemployment benefits and more money for small businesses struggling amid the pandemic.

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Small triumphs, some glitches as nationwide Covid-19 vaccine pharmacy program takes off

Adam Bayer and his wife Traci own Hillcrest Pharmacy, located in the 11,000-person town of Vernon, Texas. It's one of the pharmacies receiving coronavirus vaccines as part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program that began a much-anticipated rollout this week. The Bayers are among the first in the nation to administer vaccines under the program.

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Super Bowl ratings are in: They're a disappointment

Taking place in the middle of a global pandemic Super Bowl LV was an NFL championship game unlike any other. But the big game still brought in another Super Bowl victory for Tom Brady and a sizable — if somewhat smaller — audience.

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