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One view of the US from Italy in the time of coronavirus

For months, Italy has had the most coronavirus-related deaths of any country in the world, and Cremona, a province in Italy's north, has been particularly hard hit. Beppe Severgnini, a veteran Italian journalist and author, lives in the provincial capital, Crema, where he says he has become accustomed to the sound of ambulance sirens, almost as if he lived in New York.

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Cab driver. Harvard dad. Covid-19 victim.

The streets of New York are filled with ghosts these days. It is spring outside, but the sidewalks are empty and the streets feel haunted. Only sirens pierce the silence. Some of the familiar faces will come back when this pandemic passes; others will not.

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Opinion: How to win the fight against a virus that knows no boundaries

It was the summer of 2019 and in cities across the country normally bustling streets were empty. BBQs, birthday parties, and get-togethers were all cancelled -- the entire country was locked in quarantine. The silence was only broken by the occasional screeching sirens of an emergency vehicle rushing through deserted streets.

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Opinion: How the very rich are different in the Covid-19 fight

I have spent two decades reporting on people at the nexus of money, power and culture. I've written books about corruption among the country's wealthiest 1%, Wall Street greed and the ruthlessness of New York real estate titans. So these past few weeks I have been on the phone to many people who are not stuck, like me, in a New York City apartment, where we are on constant alert for the ominous sound of sirens puncturing the silence with increasing frequency.

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Gaza militants fire rockets into Israel

Palestinian militants fired rockets into Israel on Wednesday, the second day of a spike in cross-border violence, sending people rushing to shelters as sirens sounded, although there were no reports of casualties.

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Netanyahu's campaign has air of desperation as election polls tighten

"The 15-second Video That Could Kill Netanyahu's Rock-star Election Campaign" thundered a gleeful headline in the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper -- recycling online video of Benjamin Netanyahu being hustled away from election hustings amid sirens warning of incoming rockets from Gaza.

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