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Alanis Morissette c'est moi

After long days leading video meetings with my engineering students, designing mobile apps to help contain the spread of Covid-19, while trying to entertain and support my two children so they won't be too distracting while I'm on-screen, I'm usually too exhausted to even consider watching late night television.

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Go inside Virgin Galactic's spaceship for tourists

See the newly unveiled interior of Virgin Galactic's spaceship that will fly tourists to space for about $250,000 a ticket. CNN Business' Rachel Crane talks to CEO Michael Colglazier and Chief Space Officer George Whitesides about the challenge of designing a cabin for first-time astronauts.

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White House drops 3 key demands as Senate Republicans drive response to crisis

The White House didn't want to spend new money on coronavirus testing with billions in funds still leftover. President Donald Trump and his education secretary warned schools they wouldn't get money if they didn't fully reopen. And Trump even suggested he would "consider not signing" a stimulus bill without a payroll tax cut.

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