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Jen Psaki mocks GOP senator for false claim

White House press secretary Jen Psaki mocked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) after he falsely claimed Southwest Airlines was experiencing a shortage of employees because of vaccine mandates and President Joe Biden.

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Analysis: Anti-trans rhetoric is rife in the British media

Britain faces a critical shortage of workers, leading to fuel supply constraints, a run on petrol stations and unstacked shelves in supermarkets due to lack of staff or undelivered foodstuffs. Despite this immediate crisis affecting millions of people, "gotcha" questions on trans rights have become a feature of this year's political party conference season, say trans advocates.

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France's sperm shortage could slow fertility treatments

Aurore Foursy describes her first date with Julie Ligot as one of the longest in history. After matching on Tinder, they met up at Julie's apartment on Friday night and stayed together until Monday. The chemistry was instant.

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Car sales plunge as chip shortages choke off supply

New car sales plunged over the last three months in the United States despite strong demand, as the shortage of computer chips and other supply chain issues caused shutdowns at auto factories and choked off the supply of vehicles.

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Time running out to save UK industry from worker shortages, say business leaders

Worker shortages have left UK service stations empty, created gaps on supermarket shelves and are forcing farms to cull pigs. Even the finance industry is starting to suffer. The situation could get much worse this winter if the British government doesn't relax its Brexit immigration rules, business leaders say.

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Opinion: Democrats are fighting for their political lives

There are signs of economic trouble that should concern Democrats. Bottlenecks in the global supply chain have driven prices up and disrupted the availability of everything from nitrile gloves to cars. And things could get even worse, with the potential for the global transport system to collapse due in part to a shortage of workers, the International Chamber of Shipping and other industry groups warned in an open letter to heads of state attending the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday.

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