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Family's dog gives birth to green puppy

Shana Stamey said she was "freaking out" when she saw her white German Shepherd give birth to a green puppy. The color was caused by meconium, an infant's earlier stool, which the puppy encountered before birth and is temporary, according to veterinarian Suzanne Cianciulli. CNN affiliate WLOS reports.

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100 years ago, white mobs attacked black people. They fought back

Thelma Shepherd was riding back to her Chicago apartment on July 27, 1919, when her streetcar came under attack. Black and white men hurled rocks at each other and at the passing vehicle. The 19-year-old who had recently left the South for a job in the bustling city didn't know it, but she had witnessed one of the most violent clashes of the "Red Summer."

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Analysis: Why Democrats are 'playing into Trump's hands' on impeachment

John Anzalone was one of the primary pollsters for President Barack Obama's 2012 reelection. He's also helped shepherd dozens of Democratic candidates at all levels into office. But Anzalone isn't your typical Democratic consultant. He's long been based in Alabama and has taken to Twitter -- and other forms of media -- of late to make the case that the idea that the Democratic Party base is super liberal and badly wants President Donald Trump impeached is simply wrong.

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Actress mistaken for Oscar winner

Actress Sherri Shepherd shared a video on Instagram saying she was confused with actress Octavia Spencer at the New Orleans airport and she went along with it.

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