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Women allege sexual misconduct against North Carolina GOP lawmaker

Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn is facing allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by several women who say he put them in uncomfortable situations when he was a college student, with the former classmates detailing to CNN on Monday how the rising star of the conservative right would use "fun" drives as a way to make unwanted advances on them.

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'A straight up lie': Keilar fires off on Trump's speech

CNN's Brianna Keilar reacts to former President Trump's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, where he echoed several of the baseless and false election fraud claims he's continued to perpetuate following the US 2020 election.

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'Why should I trust you now?' Flint residents grapple with vaccine hesitancy

In 2014, Flint, Michigan switched its water source, causing a crisis that resulted in several deaths and myriad health problems. Now, a strong sense of distrust in government and public health officials is prevalent in residents, the majority of whom are Black and Brown. With the coronavirus vaccine currently rolling out across the country, scarred Flint residents are still wondering whether or not it's safe to take. CNN's Omar Jimenez reports.

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A photographer shows their transition through vivid self-portraits

Several months after photographer Laurence Philomène began testosterone hormone therapy as part of their transition, they began to take pictures of themselves at home. This was in 2018, and Philomène, was concerned about burnout, so they took two months off from work to focus on self-care.

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My baby and I are safer with the Covid-19 vaccine

Several years ago, my husband, Steve, and I decided that the ideal time for us to start a family would be soon after I entered my thirties, when we also hoped to relocate to somewhere more spacious than we could afford in our beloved Brooklyn. We celebrated my 30th birthday in December 2019, never suspecting that in a few short months everyone's lives would be upended.

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