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Why Donbas is at the heart of the Ukraine crisis

Even as Russian forces mass on Ukraine's border, the spotlight this week has swung back to the rumbling low-intensity war in eastern Ukraine and its possible role in setting the stage for a broader conflict.

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Top GOP senator says he will run for reelection

Sen. Ron Johnson announced in an email on Sunday that he is running for reelection in Wisconsin, setting the stage for a tough campaign in a race that could determine control of the Senate.

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Smerconish says Dr. Oz refused to be interviewed on CNN for one reason

CNN's Michael Smerconish revealed on his radio show that Mehmet Oz, a former talk show host and Republican candidate running for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, told him he would not appear on CNN for fear of upsetting Fox News. CNN's Brian Stelter gives some insight into the story.

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Meadows did not appear for Jan. 6 deposition

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows did not appear in person for a deposition on Friday in front of the House select committee investigating January 6, setting up a potential showdown that could lead to the panel beginning a criminal referral process against him.

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Surging inflation sets up high-stakes fight in Washington

Prices for American consumers are rising at the fastest rate in three decades, setting the stage for a standoff between the White House and the Federal Reserve as concerns grow about the political ramifications of inflation.

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How new film 'Spencer' kept Kristen Stewart's Diana in focus

Pablo Larrain's "Spencer" gives off "The Shining" vibes long before we see two women in matching outfits walking in step down a corridor. The neat Kubrickian symmetry, the oppressive setting, the stifling presence of others, of ritual, of duty -- it's all there in Larrain's imaginary take on Princess Diana's Christmas from hell. Then again, the moment involving two maids is so throwaway it could also be a nothing, a phantom. It wouldn't be the only ghost lurking in the hallways of this film.

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