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McConnell says GOP will back Murkowski's reelection despite Trump's threat

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell committed on Monday that Senate Republicans will support GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski's reelection bid in 2022 despite former President Donald Trump advocating that the GOP "get rid of" the 17 Republicans in Congress who voted against him during his second impeachment.

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Why 'It's a Sin' resonates for the Covid generation

In the second episode of new TV drama, "It's a Sin," a young woman named Jill comes to check on a friend who's been unwell. "Just keep your distance!", he blurts as he opens the door, then jumps back six feet -- leaving her hanging awkwardly in his doorway. Before long, she's running his errands and dropping off groceries on the doorstep. But each time she returns to her own apartment, the viewer sees Jill scrub frantically in the shower, scouring herself to purge the taint of the infected household.

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GOP chaos is a big gift to Democrats

The acquittal of Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial speaks volumes about the moral fiber of the Republican senators who refused to abandon him. Even more, it shows how the former President, despite his political toxicity, still has a stranglehold on the Republican Party.

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Prince Philip spends second night in hospital

Prince Philip has spent a second night in hospital after being admitted earlier this week as a "precautionary measure" following complaints that he was feeling unwell.

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