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Trump's big problem in Florida

"Florida, Florida, Florida," said the late Tim Russert on election night in 2000, a prescient observation on what would become the nation's most important electoral battleground. Two decades and five presidential campaigns later, Florida's status as the perennial swingiest of swing states remains unchallenged, and this year we will once again cast the deciding votes on whether to end or extend the presidency of Donald Trump.

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These are the best humidifiers of 2020

When winter rolls through, it carries with it dry air. Add in home heating systems — or year-round air conditioning if you're in a warmer climate — that can suck every last bit of humidity from your home and a good humidifier becomes something of a necessity.

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Opinion: What to do about Crazy Uncle Trump

In last week's NBC town hall with President Donald Trump, moderator Savannah Guthrie tried to tell Trump that he's not supposed to be "like someone's crazy uncle." (She made this comment as Trump defended disseminating a conspiracy theory.) We all know the character she was referring to: the unfiltered family member who will say anything to get a rise out of others with no regard for factuality. Ever since, Trump has been acting like he considered Guthrie's quip a challenge, careening around the country saying things you would indeed expect to hear from a crazy uncle.

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