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Disney+ has sluggish growth, hitting Disney's stock

Streaming has carried Disney through the pandemic with Disney+ growing to more than 100 million subscribers. Yet on Thursday, the biggest star in Disney's universe shined a little less bright.

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Opinion: What has come out against Matt Gaetz paints a bleak picture

This needs to be said right up front about the pending Justice Department investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz: there's still a lot that we don't know. He has steadfastly, even furiously, denied any wrongdoing. But the facts that have emerged -- including new CNN reporting that federal prosecutors are attempting to obtain cooperation from Gaetz's ex-girlfriend -- seem likely to paint a bleak picture for Gaetz moving forward.

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Opinion: Trump is the root of why GOP will sacrifice Cheney for Stefanik

The dismaying events of recent days by the House GOP leadership to purge and cancel Rep. Liz Cheney has shined a bright light on former President Donald Trump's iron grip on the House GOP and its base voters. Loyalty to Trump trumps strict adherence to policy and ideological orthodoxy. In 2017, I had stated this simple fact -- that the GOP litmus test shifted from fidelity to conservative policy principles and ideals to loyalty to the man -- and little has changed since then. What remains so utterly gobsmacking is the GOP's doubling down on Trump loyalty after his two presidential defeats (including in the popular vote), two impeachments, the loss of the House and Senate and an insurrection brought on by his assault on the constitutional order.

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What FL's attack on voting rights is really about

Like many other GOP-controlled states, Florida has made it even harder to vote, passing a bill to curb access to mail-in voting, implement stricter ID requirements and limit the use of ballot drop-boxes. While signing the bill into law last Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis -- barring all Florida press and making the bill signing event a Fox News exclusive -- cooed that this was an achievement for voting "integrity and transparency."

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Opinion: RBG was right

In 2013, the Supreme Court struck a devastating blow to voting rights with Shelby County v. Holder. The decision ended key provisions from the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which President Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic Congress pushed to become law after the bloody attacks on civil rights protesters in Selma, Alabama.

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The real reason most late night talk show hosts sit behind a desk

For more than six decades, American late night talk show hosts have sat behind large wooden desks, with guests in cushioned chairs or couches to their right. Behind them, the wall may be painted to mimic an open vista; around them, a brightly lit studio set is made more inviting through warm wood tones, mugs on a desk or -- in Johnny Carson's case -- a couple of well-placed house plants.

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