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Christie: 'The idea of making predictions for 2024 is folly'

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- who been outspoken against former President Donald Trump's lies about the 2020 election results -- says he does not want to make predictions about 2024 and is unsure whether he or Trump will run again.

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Venomous sharks found in London's Thames river

London's famous river is more exciting than we thought. Seahorses, eels, seals -- and venomous sharks -- have all been discovered in the Thames, the results of a "health check" have shown.

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Analysis: Biden has reached a critical moment in the battle for blue-collar voters

Just as Democrats face another round of hand-wringing about their erosion among working-class and rural White voters -- after last week's daunting election results in Virginia and New Jersey -- the long-delayed congressional approval of a historic infrastructure plan will test President Joe Biden's central theory on how the party can reverse that decline.

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Opinion: The cure for Biden's approval woes

President Joe Biden's approval ratings have been sinking for months, and last week's election results felt like a slap in the face to Democrats. To hear some of the analysis, you'd think the Biden's presidency is done. Don't believe it.

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The next front in Facebook's misinformation battle: climate change

In August 2019, when a Facebook employee typed "climate change" into the platform's search bar, the auto-fill suggestions that popped up included "climate change debunked" and "climate change is a hoax." The results prompted the employee to ask in a post on the company's internal site: "Do our policies combatting the spread of misinformation on Facebook apply to climate denialism?"

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Chris Christie tells Republicans that GOP gains hinge on moving on from 2020

While the other potential GOP White House aspirants continue to tip-toe around former President Donald Trump, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie argued Saturday that his week's election results marked the "beginning of a new era" for the Republican Party -- one that looks "forward and not backwards" as he addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas.

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How moments after Trump's coup unfolded on the floor

A full year after the 2020 presidential election, new details are still emerging about former President Donald Trump's unprecedented effort to overturn the results. A new CNN documentary, "Trumping Democracy: An American Coup," about former President Donald Trump's attempts to subvert the 2020 election, premieres at 9 p.m. ET on Friday, November 5.

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See Biden's reaction to election results

President Joe Biden reacted to a disappointing night at the polls for Democrats by urging lawmakers to pass his spending and infrastructure bills, saying "people want us to get things done."

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'Completely damning' video of Trump's legal adviser emerges

A video captured by a Democratic activist shows conservative lawyer John Eastman, who had worked with then-President Donald Trump's legal team, criticizing former Vice President Mike Pence for not overturning the 2020 election results. CNN legal analyst Ellie Honig discusses.

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