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Hear Biden's response to Colonial Pipeline attack

President Joe Biden shares how his administration responded to the fallout of a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies much of the eastern United States its gasoline.

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SE Cupp: Gov. Cuomo's Trumpian response a new level of gross

CNN political commentator SE Cupp explains her new op-ed comparing former President Donald Trump and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's response to investigations, specifically a pair of independent investigations into allegations that Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed or behaved inappropriately toward several women. Gov. Cuomo has not commented about either investigation, except to ask for the public to wait for their conclusions before passing judgment on him.

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Opinion: We can't let January 6 become a distant, distorted memory

As President Joe Biden prepares to give his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, it's worth reflecting on the last time both the US House of Representatives and US Senate gathered together inside the Capitol building for official business: January 6, 2021. Just over three months later, the response to the Capitol insurrection has ranged from tepid to destructively counter-factual.

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Israel accused of apartheid by Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has accused the Israeli government of committing crimes of apartheid and persecution against Palestinians in a new report Tuesday, eliciting an angry response from Israeli officials.

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To sell his dream of the future, Biden should draw on the past

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden will deliver his first address before a joint session of Congress. Tensions are already running high. Republicans have chosen Sen. Tim Scott to deliver the usual rebuttal, after members of the House GOP asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi to delay the event altogether. To top things off, progressive Democrats have also decided to issue a formal response to the President's speech this year.

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