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Lava from volcano sparks cement factory fire

Lava flowing from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain's La Palma island sparked a fire at a cement factory Monday, leading to at least 2,500 residents to be ordered into lockdown to protect their health, a local official said.

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Opinion: The growing rift between Biden and Macron

The immediate diplomatic crisis between the United States and France may have been declared over after a 30-minute phone call between Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron Wednesday. But I'm far from convinced that the brief conversation, along with an anodyne press release, has resolved a host of differences on China -- one of the most substantive and profound issues between France and the US.

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These 18 states have still not vaccinated at least half of their residents

With a surge in new Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations, health officials and state leaders have ratcheted up their calls for the public to be vaccinated before winter arrives while the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved booster shots for an expanded number of Americans.

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States sound alarm over Covid outbreaks among school kids

• 1 in every 500 US residents have died of Covid • Woman dies from Covid after visiting state with low vaccination rate • Conservative radio host who swore off Covid vaccine dies after contracting virus

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1 in 500 US residents has died of Covid-19

As officials in the United States debate vaccine boosters and requirements, a CNN analysis of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and US Census Bureau data shows about one in 500 residents has died of Covid-19.

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