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The parts of America cut off by the pandemic

Each evening, Point Roberts residents Steve Work and Shawna Sylvester head out for a walk. Strolling along the sandy beaches that surround the community, Work says it often feels like the American/Canadian couple has the eight miles of shoreline to themselves.

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Flint residents sue investment banks over water crisis

Residents of Flint, Michigan, have filed a civil lawsuit against three investment banks for claims arising from the poisoning of "minors, residents and water users of the City of Flint during the period when Flint utilized the Flint River as a primary water source without implementing proper corrosion controls," according to a complaint in federal court.

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Presidents in the hospital: A brief history

President Donald Trump followed in the steps of several of his predecessors when he was admitted to the hospital on Friday, a day after his positive coronavirus test.

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The Electoral College explained

Are you wondering how the US election actually works? CNN explains how the Electoral College picks American presidents.

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