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Russia could default on its debt within days

• Russia is trying to install pro-Kremlin officials in occupied cities, but Ukrainians are fighting back • Russia has requested military and economic assistance from China, US officials say • Opinion: What keeps China from stopping Russia's war

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Taliban request representation at the UN

The Taliban have requested representation at this week's United Nations General Assembly, a move that is expected to kick off a diplomatic battle with the preexisting Afghan envoy.

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Jen Psaki asked about removal of Trump appointees

The Biden administration requested the resignations of many military advisory board members appointed by President Trump, or said they would be fired. White House press secretary Jen Psaki joined CNN's New Day and was asked about the requests.

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TSA to extend transportation mask mandate into January

The Transportation Security Administration will extend its US federal transportation mask mandate through January 18, according to a source familiar with the matter, who requested anonymity because the announcement has not been made public.

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Peloton is rolling out fans' most-requested features

Peloton has found its polish slightly fading this year after a prosperous 2020 that catapulted the fitness company into a new stratosphere of popularity. This weekend, it's engaging in some self-care to reinvigorate itself.

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New video: Man told officers 'I can't breathe' before his death

Joseph Perez's final moments, caught by a Fresno Police officer's bodycam in 2017, were released under federal court order. The family, who has filed a lawsuit against law enforcement officers, paramedics and others, requested the video's release.

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