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NASA's Insight Lander reveals new data about Mars

Three years after NASA's Insight Lander arrived on Mars, its data reveals that Mars is larger, lighter and has a more liquid core than previously thought. CNN's Kristin Fisher reports.

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Vaccine holdouts causing frustration for the vaccinated

As stricter rules and mask mandates return, frustration is building particularly among those who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus. CNN's Dan Simon reports how some California residents say they feel they're being punished for the inaction of others.

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First person charged under Hong Kong national security law

The first person to be tried under Hong Kong's sweeping national security law faces life in prison after being found guilty of inciting secession and terrorism in a landmark court ruling. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports from the High Court in Hong Kong.

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China looks to outshine Japan at winter games

These are not the Olympics of Japan's dreams. The Games were supposed to be a comeback after decades of economic stagnation and devastation from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. With geopolitical rival China hosting the Winter Olympics, Japan wants to avoid losing center stage. CNN's Selina Wang reports.

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