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China to test 9 million people as virus cluster found

The Chinese port city of Qingdao plans to test some nine million people in the coming five days, after 12 locally-transmitted coronavirus cases were reported sparking concerns of a wider outbreak.

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Opinion: What Ronald Reagan knew about being a VIP patient

When the shots were heard, the Secret Service agents did what they were trained to do and shoved President Ronald Reagan in the back of the limousine, using their bodies as human shields. As they piled on to him, Reagan reportedly said, "I think you broke my rib!" In the next moment he began to cough up blood and the limousine altered course from the White House to George Washington University Hospital.

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Nigerian migrant worker burned alive in Libya

Three men stormed a factory in Tripoli, doused a Nigerian worker in petrol, and set him on fire, according to a statement by the Libyan interior ministry, in a new reported attack on migrants in the north African country.

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Countries across Europe set grim Covid-19 records as restrictions are reimposed

As Europe transitions from summer into fall, countries that claimed to have the coronavirus under control are once again seeing a surge in infections. The United Kingdom, which has the biggest death toll on the continent, reported 12,872 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday, more than double the country's most recent seven-day rolling average, according to official figures.

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