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It's the summer of superhero reinvention

With movie theaters reopening this summer and superheroes back in full swing, it's interesting to note that at this moment of cultural reckoning with our past and our present the summer slate of superheroes all share a common theme — they're about reinvention.

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CNN to cover July 4th from coast-to-coast

As the nation continues to move toward a return to normal, CNN will celebrate the reopening of the country with a special, live July 4th prime-time program featuring fireworks displays from coast-to-coast and musical performances celebrating the United States' diversity.

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California is still requiring masks in these places

California lifted most of its Covid-19 restrictions Tuesday as part of a grand reopening in which the state will end capacity limits, physical distancing and -- at least for those vaccinated -- mask requirements. CNN's Dan Simon reports.

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What we know about the Covid-19 Delta variant first found in India

A coronavirus variant first detected in India in February has now gone global, popping up in dozens of countries and raising fears that the strain may spearhead a wave of infection that could overwhelm health care systems, reverse reopening plans and even potentially undermine the rollout of vaccines.

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