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Raw cookie dough risk isn't relevant to Covid precautions

Here we go again: Covid-19 cases are falling in nearly every state, spring is in the air and everyone is getting restless. Some have even gone so far as to let us know they are done with the pandemic or at least ready to move away from the problem.

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Benjamin Franklin made a stunning immigration comment. Why it's relevant now

America is a nation of immigrants that continues to wrestle with a hatred of immigrants. The latest "Reality Check with John Avlon" examines the history of anti-immigrant panic in the US. Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas joins to explain why he thinks America's broken immigration system might be by design.

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Searing testimony in Chauvin trial may not be legally relevant. We still need to hear it

Not every piece of evidence presented in a criminal trial is relevant to its outcome. Over the course of the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin thus far, we have heard a number of witness statements that are irrelevant to the central legal matter at issue in the case: is Chauvin legally responsible, under Minnesota's murder statute, for the death of George Floyd?

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Opinion: Our survival depends on treating nature with more respect

"It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen." This remark, made in 1870 by the poet and novelist Victor Hugo, is even more relevant today. At a time when biodiversity -- the fragile web of life of which we are all a part -- threatens to disintegrate, we must not forget that we are, in many respects, the authors of our own misfortune.

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The eviction ban should remain in effect long after the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a basic fact of American life: When people unexpectedly lose work or face unforeseen expenses, they can't pay their rent. What's worse, they often get evicted as a result. As lawyers who represent low-income tenants, we are used to explaining to our clients the legal insignificance of their economic circumstances, however compelling. Your boss cut your hours? Not relevant. Your car needed a $600 repair? No defense. Your child support check didn't arrive? Not the landlord's problem. We tell our clients, "The law doesn't care about that." We usually follow up with, "It doesn't seem fair, does it?"

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The extraordinary data breach by Russian hackers went undetected by the Trump administration's intelligence agencies for months

When President Donald Trump convened his Cabinet at the White House Wednesday as Washington absorbed news of a massive data breach, the heads of most agencies relevant to the intrusion — including the Department of Defense, the State Department, the Justice Department, the director of national intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency — were absent.

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