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Silicon Valley can no longer tinker around its diversity problem

Six years ago, a wave of tech companies including Apple, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn began revealing data on the diversity of their workforces. The information, which had previously been kept closely guarded, was released after increased pressure for transparency as their fortunes and influence swelled.

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Ex-Stone prosecutor says Stone treated differently 'because of his relationship to the President'

A deputy to former special counsel Robert Mueller plans to tell a congressional panel Wednesday that the "highest levels" of the Justice Department politicized the sentencing of President Donald Trump's longtime friend and adviser Roger Stone by pressuring the acting US attorney for the District of Columbia to ease up on his sentencing, according to written testimony the committee released Tuesday.

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'Hamilton' movie trailer released

Disney has released the first trailer for "Hamilton", the filmed version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical that will be released on their subscription streaming service on July 3.

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