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Justice Breyer says return to in-person arguments is a 'big improvement'

Justice Stephen Breyer on Monday reflected on the Supreme Court's return to in-person oral arguments earlier that day, saying he prefers the high court's usual structure over the virtual system the nine jurists had started using just after the Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed much of the country last year.

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Opinion: Lessons from the March on Washington on the value of allyship

This past weekend was the 58th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. As many Americans reflected on the significance of the day, particularly as voting rights across the country are under attack, they likely thought about the legacy and image of the mighty Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., standing at a lectern in front of the Lincoln Memorial, the huge crowd stretched before him captivated by his vision of a society without racism. If required to list the other leaders of this historic protest, Americans might be able to name one, maybe more, of the other Black men who, along with King, made up the "Big Six" -- James Farmer, John Lewis, A. Philip Randolph, Roy Wilkins, and Whitney Young -- all of whom are now rightly honored as heroes of the Civil Rights movement.

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How Brazil's fear of losing the Amazon guides Bolsonaro's policies towards the forest

In 2000, when the internet in Brazil was still in its infancy, an email with an alarming message about the Amazon went viral. It claimed that the United States and the United Nations had taken the forest from Brazilians and transformed it into a protected area -- a falsehood, but one that reflected a long-running conspiracy theory still promoted today by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

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Opinion: Add four justices to the Supreme Court, legislators write

Minority rule, under which a majority of Americans can't have their policy preferences reflected in our laws, is anti-democratic. But it's the hallmark of the modern Republican Party. For decades, the GOP has trafficked in dog-whistle, white grievance politics to hold onto power without popular support for its policies.

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Big student loan debt is not a 'Harvard, Yale and Penn' problem

On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden promised to cancel at least $10,000 of federal student loans for all borrowers in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Over 60 lawmakers and 17 state attorneys general have called on him to go further and cancel up to $50,000 administratively. When Biden was asked if he would cancel $50,000 of student debt for struggling borrowers at a CNN Town Hall last Tuesday, his answer unfortunately reflected some commonly held misconceptions about student loan borrowers.

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Watch impeachment manager's emotional account of riot

During former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) reflected on the loss of his son and how his family joined him at the Capitol on January 6 to be together during a time of grieving, not knowing they would all be put in danger by the mob riot and insurrection.

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A photographic history of men in love

When Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell came across an old photograph at an antique store in Dallas, Texas, they saw something of themselves reflected in the image.

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To the next US secretary of education: It's time to focus on students

The outside of the northwest Baltimore elementary school where I have been principal for seven years is covered in a brightly colored, student-designed mural featuring portraits of our children and their families reading together. Our community can, quite literally, see themselves reflected in this artwork. The mural was part of a schoolwide project about brain science, literacy and art, all hallmarks of our school's curriculum.

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Star rookie QB says he's out for season

"See ya next year," tweeted Joe Burrow as the Cincinnati Bengals star reflected on what looks like a serious knee injury for the quarterback.

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The bold unity model that Biden should follow

The 2020 presidential election was a referendum on a democracy made vulnerable by systemic racism, economic inequality and structural violence. It also reflected widespread fear about the erosion of longstanding norms and political processes within and beyond Washington. The controversy over the election results -- the consequence of conservative media, conspiracy theories and a President who gleefully fanned the flames of already existing racial and political divides -- is a testament to the enormity of the challenges facing the nation. While all democratic change comes through compromise, the structural transformations needed at this hinge point in history require a far-reaching vision and audacious freedom dreams. Our times demand nothing less.

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Democracy didn't win. It survived

Jubilation spilled out onto the streets of cities across the US on Saturday after networks called the 2020 election for Joe Biden. Sweet, exhausted, joyful and raucous, these emotional displays reflected a sense that something more than an electoral victory had just happened. Sen. Bernie Sanders captured that feeling when he exclaimed in a CNN appearance shortly after the call was made, "Thank God democracy won out!"

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