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Rediscovered 70-year-old photos spark worldwide quest

In one photo, a woman wearing a patterned dress walks down a deserted street in Bellagio, northern Italy, a small dachshund lapping at her heels. To her left there's a gelateria, and at the end of the passageway, a stone church looms ahead.

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The race against time to save Pompeii

The bodies of a rich man and his enslaved server, lying at the foot of the stairs. A saucy ancient fresco coming to light. A thoroughbred horse, its body rediscovered 2,000 years on. Even a bit of graffiti which changes everything we knew about the town of Pompeii and the volcanic eruption which destroyed it.

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Sean Scully Closes His Windows

In the wake of the pandemic, the Irish-American artist has rediscovered the color black. We unveil his newest work for troubled times.

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World's largest bee rediscovered

A bee with a 2.5 inch wingspan and body roughly the size of a human thumb has been rediscovered after being thought by some to be extinct.

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