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5 tips for a successful 'dry January' any time of the year

There are lots of great reasons to decide to go "dry" in January and give up alcohol. Perhaps you imbibed a bit too much over the holidays, or want to start a diet or exercise routine and can't afford the calories or the zap in energy and motivation that drinking can bring.

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Opinion: What Jussie Smollett's guilty verdicts tell us

It's hard for me to think of Jussie Smollett without thinking of Amy Cooper. They each did something horrifically stupid and dangerous, echoing the worst of this country's racial history for their own selfish reasons.

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Opinion: Kamala Harris came in to solve issues in Central America. But the problem is now much bigger.

When President Joe Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to address the reasons people migrate to the US southern border, her focus was on addressing problems in Central America. But seven months later, it's migrants arriving from even farther away in South America who are overwhelming the administration, leaving the White House with a larger problem that officials are still looking for ways to solve.

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