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Biden set to stump for candidates in Georgia

President-elect Joe Biden will travel to Georgia next Tuesday to headline a rally in support of the Democratic candidates in the state's US Senate runoff election, the Biden campaign announced Thursday.

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Analysis: Why this Texas 'election fraud' lawsuit is a joke

When most people hear "lawsuit" and "Supreme Court," they generally think something serious is going on. After all, the legal system in America is no joke! And if the Supreme Court might get involved? Well then, we all need to sit up and pay attention.

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How German Autobahns changed the world

Ah yes, "ze Autobahn". Few other landmarks represent Germany more than its freeway system. Cologne's cathedral is distinctively West German, and the TV Tower in Berlin is a GDR feat of engineering, but the Autobahn (literally "car runway") connects the whole country.

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The President's trip to Georgia was supposed to get voters mobilized for the upcoming runoff election. He may have accomplished the opposite.

President Donald Trump expanded his extraordinary efforts to overturn the election Saturday, attempting to pressure Georgia's governor to force a special session of the legislature to change the result, while using an evening rally for two GOP Senate candidates to rant about his own grievances and thrash Republican leaders who have not done his bidding.

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GOP donor: As a candidate, I wouldn't want Trump at my rally

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein and Republican donor Dan Eberhart discuss the effect President Donald Trump's lies about the election have had on Georgia conservatives ahead of the state's two runoff races that will determine control of the US Senate.

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Pro-Trump attorney tells Republicans not to vote in Georgia runoff election

Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems implementation manager for the Georgia Secretary of State's office who called out President Donald Trump in an emotional plea, reacts to attorneys criticizing him at a Stop the Steal rally in Georgia and encouraging Republicans to not vote in the upcoming Senate runoff election.

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To the next US secretary of education: It's time to focus on students

The outside of the northwest Baltimore elementary school where I have been principal for seven years is covered in a brightly colored, student-designed mural featuring portraits of our children and their families reading together. Our community can, quite literally, see themselves reflected in this artwork. The mural was part of a schoolwide project about brain science, literacy and art, all hallmarks of our school's curriculum.

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Dow 30,000: How the market rally defied a pandemic

Markets have reached a new milestone in the middle of a bruising pandemic, another sign that investors have been more than willing to look past short-term pain toward better days ahead.

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Best bets from Amazon's Electronics gift guide

The holiday season is fast approaching — and that means gift-giving (and hopefully receiving) is just around the corner. And like clockwork, Amazon has dropped a plethora of new gift guides with literally hundreds of top-rated and highly reviewed items.

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