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US begins its reckoning on Native American children

After a First Nations community used ground-penetrating radar to discover more than 200 unmarked graves at an Indigenous residential school in Canada, the US Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, announced in late June that she was launching the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative. It would investigate the policies and practices behind a similar Native boarding school system in the US that was meant to forcibly assimilate Indigenous youth into White, western American society.

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GOP extremists could doom party to endless defeats

Republican Sen. Rob Portman's retirement announcement caught Washington DC by surprise. Portman, who won reelection in Ohio in 2016 by 21 points, was seemingly not on anyone's radar for potential retirement.

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Here's what should be done after SolarWinds hack

The information that is emerging about Russia's extensive cyberintelligence operation against the United States and other countries should be increasingly alarming to the public. The magnitude of the hacking, now believed to have affected more than 250 federal agencies and businesses -- primarily through a malicious update of the SolarWinds network management software -- may have slipped under most people's radar during the holiday season, but its implications are stunning.

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Pence under the radar as Trump fights for power

President Donald Trump continues to baselessly contest the election results and top Republicans have been circling the wagons to amplify that message. But one key ally has been publicly absent from the conversation: Vice President Mike Pence.

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How Kodak went from photos to pharmaceuticals

Kodak is back in the news again after some time flying under the radar, and for a somewhat surprising reason: The Trump administration has tapped the legacy film and photography pioneer to produce pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Pence backs Trump, even in chaos

Vice President Mike Pence often flies under the radar at the White House, but his steadfast support plays a key role in the Trump administration.

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