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'Boys in the Band' brings stage revival to Netflix

Reassembling the cast and director of the Tony Award-winning 2018 revival, "The Boys in the Band" becomes a Netflix movie that can't entirely shake its slightly claustrophobic stage roots, but which provides a stellar showcase for its actors, especially Jim Parsons as the central provocateur.

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Political lightning rods find new spark on Cameo

Standing in front of a white bookshelf in poor lighting, Roger Stone -- the longtime political provocateur and showman -- takes a gentle tone as he records a selfie-style video congratulating a newly married couple he's never met.

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Trump rips tech firms at 'free speech' summit

President Donald Trump welcomed prominent conservative social media provocateurs to the White House on Thursday and said that along with himself, they are being treated unfairly by big tech firms, which he says suppress conservative voices.

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UK and Trump miles apart on climate

Fresh from the latest disasters on Brexit, surely the last thing the UK needs is a state visit from the world's provocateur-in-chief, Donald Trump.

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Andres Serrano Lets Objects Do the Talking

Thirty years after his infamous image of a plastic crucifix sparked the first skirmish in the culture wars, the artist-provocateur trains his focus on “The Game: All Things Trump.”

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The smears against George Soros are dangerous

Just over a year ago, the far-right provocateur Dinesh d'Souza launched a series of attacks on the American philanthropist George Soros. There were viral clips on Facebook and Twitter, an article in the conservative attack-blog The Daily Caller and the big flourish: a movie entitled "Death of a Nation: Can We Save America A Second Time?" in which d'Souza portrays Soros as a Nazi collaborator.

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