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Black Lives Matter redefined July 4

Racial justice protests around the nation make this Fourth of July perhaps the most important in American history. Independence Day 2020 is imbued with new meaning about what it means to be an American, rooted in a collective effort to squarely confront the bitter and beautiful struggles that shape our profoundly historic present.

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See how other countries are protesting police brutality

As protests over the killing of George Floyd continue in the US, the Black Lives Matter movement is spreading across the globe. CNN heads to the UK, Australia, and France to see how people are fighting to end systemic racism and police brutality in their own countries.

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A father was choked to death by the NYPD 42 years ago. His family has never recovered

On June 14, Brooklyn hosted the Black Trans Life Matters rally, one of the largest protests following George Floyd's death. As chants of "I Can't Breathe" echoed down Eastern Parkway, thousands of demonstrators gathered outside of the Brooklyn Museum to protest the infamous knee-on-neck hold that ended Floyd's life.

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This historic moment calls for a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation commission

This is an American moment for radical truth telling, precipitated by the brutal, merciless and videotaped killing of George Floyd as well as the protests in his name. Millions of Americans have taken to the streets across 50 states, the nation's capital and around the globe to tell the unvarnished truth about police brutality and demand an end to police violence. Amid a renewed national conversation about racism, more Americans are beginning to listen and take action.

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The fashion industry says it stands against racism. Critics aren't buying it

Since May 26, headlines have been dominated by the killing of George Floyd and the international protests it has ignited. Thousands have taken to the streets around the world to denounce police brutality and anti-blackness, while online, thousands more have posted en masse in support of #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) and called for an end to systemic racism.

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'Police in America are looting black bodies,' Trevor Noah says

Comedian Trevor Noah spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper this week about the state of racism, police abuse and protests in America, saying White people who were horrified by the looting that took place during some of the Black Lives Matter protests should realize many Black Americans feel their bodies are looted by police every single day.

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'Maybe if they see me, they'll stop'

Since the death of George Floyd, we've seen so many powerful photos from the protests — images that have filled up social-media feeds and resonated with people all over the world.

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What changes a protest from peaceful to violent? Aggressive law enforcement

Throughout the protests that have erupted across the US in response to George Floyd's death, we've seen troubling examples of police using excessive force. From cops pushing protesters — including a senior citizen — and pulling college students out of their car to confronting reporters just for doing their jobs.

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Police unions stand in the way of lasting reform

As protests against police brutality and racism continue to gain momentum, some of the most pugnacious voices against reform have emerged from the leaders of police unions themselves.

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