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Reaction: How Russians responded to protester on TV news

American Yakov Kronrod tells CNN's Anderson Cooper what the reaction has been like in Russia after an employee at one of Russia's major state television networks interrupted a live broadcast to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

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The Canadian trucker protest is in its second week. This is how we got here

A massive protest by Canadian truckers and others against Covid-19 mandates has entered a second week, crippling downtown Ottawa with no end in sight. The city's mayor has declared a state of emergency, and the capital's police chief is calling for outside help to deal with the protesters.

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Jury begins deliberations in Unite the Right civil trial

A jury began deliberations Friday in the civil case involving White nationalists who organized a two-day rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 when a protester killed a person and others were injured in the chaos.

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