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US mask makers say they are being clobbered by cheaper competition from China

When the pandemic first hit last year, Brian Wolin was working as a chiropractor, and his brother-in-law, Evan Shulman, ran a business making luxury retail displays for brands, such as Gucci and Chanel. But once the lockdowns began, they both found themselves unable to work. That's when they decided to launch Protective Health Gear, turning over a large part of Shulman's manufacturing space to the production of masks, specifically N95 respirators, which were in high demand and limited supply.

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Gupta: May be time to shelve the term 'breakthrough infection'

In most cases, a "breakthrough" means a sudden, dramatic or important discovery. With Covid-19, however, the expression has been used to describe an infection that "broke" through the protective immunity of the vaccine -- and this is sometimes misinterpreted as a sign the vaccine is not working.

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FEMA okayed export of N95 masks as workers cried for more

In the midst of a national shortage of N95 masks, the U.S. government quietly granted an exception to its export ban on protective gear, allowing as many as 5 million of the masks per month to be shipped overseas.

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9 breathable face masks to protect you while exercising

As some indoor gyms and fitness spaces reopen, and summer weather allows more outdoor exercise, the topic of wearing protective face masks during exercise continues to get folks perspiring. To mask or not to mask, when exercising outside? And if I want to go back to the gym, many of which now require face coverings, how can I find one that doesn't leave me extra-sweaty, or inhibit my breathing?

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Opinion: Why the US shouldn't get rid of its coins

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused shortages everywhere. Shoppers earlier in the pandemic were dismayed to find no toilet paper or flour. Health professionals were hampered by the lack of masks, gloves and other types of personal protective equipment. And now the United States has begun running out of coins.

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US lost months making protective gear. Now it's running out.

Nearly four months after invoking a 1950s-era law in order to compel businesses to manufacture equipment for the fight against the coronavirus, the Trump administration has made only sparing use of its authorities, leaving front-line workers in dire need of supplies like masks, gowns and gloves amid the recent surge in cases.

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Medics are down to their last defense with coronavirus swamping their town

Coronavirus is winning the battle in El Centro, California. It's in almost every patient in the hospital. Tents are being put up to handle even more cases. It's on the streets, forcing rescuers to put on protective suits and cumbersome masks before they approach people needing help. And it's not stopping. Even as nearby and faraway facilities take patients to try to ease the load, more and more sick people keep coming. And so do the deaths. The workers are exhausted. The virus is not.

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