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Pandemic proofing your life is not what you think

I have bad news for you: We're stuck with this novel coronavirus in our environment perhaps indefinitely. And there might be another, more deadly and contagious pathogen right behind it that's poised to dart around the world and stir yet another pandemic. But here's the good news: Pandemic proofing your life is easier than you think, and it's not about building a bunker or megadosing on supplements and waiting white-knuckled for the next booster shot. A remarkable suit of armor is already within you.

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A Covid pass takes France by storm

At our first meal in Paris, at a charming outdoor table on the Boulevard Saint-Germain the waiter immediately asked for our "pass sanitaire," or health pass, an app showing proof of either vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test or of past infection. Using a tablet, he scanned the QR codes on our iPhones, verified we were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and promptly delivered the food we'd ordered at the counter inside, where everyone -- guests and staff -- was masked.

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For unvaccinated people on the fence, work hurdles could change their minds

With the Delta variant surging, a growing number of employers are tiring of merely cajoling workers to get vaccinated and are following President Joe Biden's protocol for federal workers: Either show proof of vaccination, or mask up and get regular testing if you want to work on-site.

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'Titans' and 'What If...?' remind us streaming really is a nerd's paradise

If you need any further proof that things have changed for comic-book fans from the bad old days -- when Hollywood tended to vamp up and camp up those titles, if they deigned to produce them at all -- look no further than this week, which saw the streaming arrival of Marvel's "What If...?" and DC's "Titans" via Disney+ and HBO Max, respectively.

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What Texas Dems walkout could mean for Biden

Texans are often accused of an over-inflated sense of self, and they rarely make nuanced political gestures. The standoff over voting rights in Texas may end up offering proof the state can influence policies beyond its own borders. The latest tactic by Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives to protect the voting rights of their constituents by leaving the state to stop restrictive legislation will either be a catalyst for an historic national law or set up a devastating defeat for supporters of expanded voting rights.

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