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Is this 3D-printed home made of clay the future of housing?

How might architecture aid in solving the housing crisis and help build a more sustainable future? West of Ravenna, Italy, in the small town of Massa Lombarda, Mario Cucinella Architects has completed a prototype for a home that aims to do both, by combining some of the newest technology with the oldest housing materials. The dwelling, called TECLA, is the first 3D-printed home made from clay, and its founder, Mario Cucinella, hopes that its program design can become a viable option to house people who lack adequate housing due to financial issues or displacement.

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Vaccines sell out in Pakistan as the private market opens

Pakistan is in a tight spot: Covid-19 cases are surging during a third wave, hospital beds are filling up, and the government vaccination program is progressing slowly due to delayed deliveries and limited supplies.

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3 behavioral psychology tips for weight loss

There's no shortage of weight loss programs out there to choose from, each of which claim to have the key to shedding pounds. One of the latest popular weight loss programs out there is Noom, which claims that behavioral psychology is the key to helping people lose weight for good -- including those who haven't had success in the past.

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Opinion: Why I had to sell my wedding ring to keep my business alive

I signed the lease to open my first salon, The Bare Bar on Valentine's Day 2020, less than a month before the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. I remember having butterflies in my stomach when I signed my name. I was one big step closer to starting my own business, a dream that I'd been working toward for eight years. I'd recently sold my family's dream home and used that money to start the salon. A year later, I've sold my wedding ring to keep it going and have done everything I can to keep this dream alive -- except take out a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. I'm not eligible for one because The Bare Bar didn't open its doors until after February 15, 2020.

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Chicago suburb first in US to pay reparations for Black residents

Officials in the Chicago suburb of Evanston voted Monday to release the first batch of funds in a program offering reparations to Black residents whose families have felt the effects of decades of discriminatory housing practices, according to the Chicago Tribune and Evanston Now.

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This program puts people to work serving America. Now it's going to jump in size

Joe Biden is far from the first president to call for national unity -- Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama also sounded that trumpet, and even Donald Trump paid lip service to unity in his inaugural address. What distinguishes Biden and his allies on Capitol Hill and beyond is that they are trying a different approach to unifying the country: they are backing up words with concrete actions. Or, to put it bluntly, they are putting federal money where their mouths are.

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Jackson's water crisis is a moral and ethical tragedy

Summoned to the South by Marian Wright of the NAACP, Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Joseph Clark traveled to the Mississippi Delta in the Spring of 1967 to assess the effectiveness of the federal War on Poverty programs. Wright had testified before Congress that the people of her state were starving and in agony. Although forewarned, the White senators were stunned to witness the extremities of Mississippi's soul-crushing poverty, right in the middle of one of the wealthiest nations on earth.

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